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Updated: Oct 17, 2022


I am excited to launch this website and to have it be a hub for resources. We will be updating this blog with our notes from the field, specifically for the Newcomer Immigrant Study, generously funded by the William T. Grant Foundation (2022-2027). To date, I have spent a decade working with local immigrant communities, schools, and immigrant-serving community-based organizations to uncover inequalities and find ways to reduce them. Through the William T. Grant Scholars award, I will engage in a five-year longitudinal study about how school districts manage the welcome and inclusion of immigrant students, and how community-based organizations might function as a mechanism for reducing in equality. This project asks some of the most pressing questions of our time as migration is an on-going global phenomenon. I hope to use research to inform policy rather than engage in the political spectacles related to immigrants, and humanize their experiences with this research.

I hope you will reach out to me or my research team if you'd like to connect on issues related to immigrant education. I also welcome PhD students!!! (hint hint, apply by December 1st!). I am happy to share your research here, and / or showcase your work if you would to be a guest blogger as well.

I look forward to continuing this research and advocacy to support immigrant students in U.S. public schools and our broader society. Help us push the conversation as we think about ImmigrantEdNext!

In Solidarity,


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